Other Scams – Fine Wine Investment

Whilst we at Adscams are always on the lookout for charity advertising scams, we also keep and eye out for other scams.

Last week I had a phone call from a company who asked if I was interested in “Fine Wine Investing”.  Firstly investing isn’t high on my priorities list right now and as I am not a drinker, investing in Wine was not of interest to me. 

I politely said “no thanks” to the sales guy on the phone and I was then asked “why?” – ahh Mr wont take a polite no thanks, I bet he went to sales school.

I explained my lack of desire to invest in anything at the moment and my dislike of Alcohol and he then quoted an article in “The Times” as recommending a fine wine investment.  This perked my attention somewhat – I recall last year receiving a very similar phone call from a company trying to get me to invest in “Land”. – I still said no thanks.

He then continued his ploy to get me interested by using NLP techniques and trying to convince me I was not doing myself any favours by not investing. – Wont they learn – the more you push me the less likely I will do any business. In the end I said NO and he hung up.

Knowing a friend who does like his wine and keeps a special fridge to store his favourites I thought I would seek his expertise.  He kindly forwarded me this cut out from the Sunday Times:

Recommended Book:   Wine Investment for Portfolio Diversification: How Collecting Fine Wines Can Yield Greater Returns Than Stocks and Bonds