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Today I has a phone call from Child Protection UK Ltd, they asked for me by my full name and started with the usual scam script “I spoke to you earlier in the year”

-What a load of LIES! Lies and more scammy lies!

AND I recorded the call.

Listen Here:

Just tell these scammers where to go.

PLEASE help spread awareness of this scam by sharing it all over social media – PLEASE

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It has been brought to our attention that a focus is currently on contacting Trades People – Electricians, Plumbers, Locksmiths, etc.. where the caller suggests that you have been recommended to them to become “The Official Police” (plumber, electrician, locksmith, etc..) in your area.

You are then contacted to place an advert (which you then have to pay for) in a Police Journal, Police Booklet, Police Diary or some such similar publication. Even if you don’s agree – you still get the call chasing payment. Help us spread the word and use the social media share buttons on this site to alert others of this scam before they get caught out!

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We have had a report in from a visitor that a new scam concerning a company called Drugs UK is going on. Similar concept, here is a brief description from her email:-

Yes it was for Drugs UK. Details are Peter Johnson, 198 Livingston Road, Hitchin, Herts, S59 1RR, tel .

I cant find Drugs UK anywhere on the internet, there is no Livingston Road in Hitchin, the postcode for Hitchin is SG not S and the telephone number is currently in use. The chap that rang me said his name was Dan Brown and that the matter has bern passed to him by Drugs Uk and I spoke to a colleague of his a few days ago and said I would pay by Bacs and he was ringing to chase up payment. No such conversation was had by me.

Any further information regarding this company appreciated

Drugs UK Crime Prevention Booklet, Impersonating Police, Scam Advertising April 16, 2010 admin 3 Comments

Weinstein Williams – Raided By Scambusters

Reported in the Daily Mirror 15/04/2010 (thanks honest scouser)

Advertising Scamweinstein williams March 28, 2010 admin 126 Comments

Weinstein Williams Website

A LIVERPOOL publishing firm is at the centre of a fraud investigation surrounding alleged false selling of advertising space.

Trading standards officers raided the offices of Weinstein Williams, which produces booklets and planners, in city centre Dale Street, taking away computers and files.

A private property in Tarbock Green, believed to belong to the owner of the company, was also searched.

It is understood to be the first investigation of its type by the newly-created “Scambusters” unit, which is based in Liverpool and represents 22 councils across the North West.

Merseyside police’s economic crime unit is also involved in the investigation.

The raid followed a number of complaints from across the country about businesses claiming they handed money to Weinstein Williams but were never shown any evidence an advert had appeared or the publication existed.

The company cold-called organisations across the UK offering them advertising space within publications.

Many complaints also focused around claims businesses were pressured into paying for adverts they never agreed to.

Council officials said the evidence collected on the raids will be evaluated to establish whether there is enough evidence to bring the case to court under charges relating to the Fraud Act.

The company could also face civil action if Scambusters requests an order stopping it from falsely selling advertising.

The Liverpool ECHO contacted Weinstein Williams for a comment but the call was not returned.

Cllr Berni Turner, executive member for the environment, said: “Although Weinstein Williams is based in Liverpool, it operated across the country and tended to contact potential advertisers outside the city.

“It made it impossible for a single trading standards team to take any action against it.

“Scambusters was set up to tackle rogue traders who operate across council borders.”

Paul Noone, chairman of Trading Standards North West, said the region seemed to have a lot of companies trying to sell advertising in publications claiming to have links with charities.

He added: “Many of these companies are reputable, but some will use underhand tactics to convince small businesses to advertise in publications which only have small circulations or are never even printed.”

Adscams Comment:  It is interesting to see at the time of writing, that their website claims they are the victims of “unscrupulous publishers claiming to be Weinstein Williams.”  Have you had any dealings with this company?  Do let us know.

Source: Liverpool Echo & Thanks to Commenter “Paul” for the heads up on this.

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